Figures At A Glance
Figures At A Glance
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As of end January 2017, there are some 150,430 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with UNHCR in Malaysia. 


  • Some 133,856 are from Myanmar, comprising some 56,135 Rohingyas, 39,967 Chins, 10,662 Myanmar Muslims, 4,767 Rakhines & Arakanese, and other ethnicities from Myanmar.
  • There are some 16,574 refugees and asylum-seekers from other countries, including some 3,198 Pakistanis, 2,907 Sri Lankans, 1,925 Yemenis, 1,875 Syrians, 1,712 Somalis, 1,449 Iraqis, 887 Afghans, 686 Palestinians, and others from other countries.


Some 68% of refugees and asylum-seekers are men, while 32% are women.


There are some 34,859 children below the age of 18. 

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