Donate To Refugees In Malaysia

Many Malaysians have come forth to help refugees and asylum-seekers in a variety of ways. Some provide financial assistance while others give in-kind contributions. Contact the UNHCR Office in Kuala Lumpur to understand how you can help refugees in Malaysia.

At this time, donors who contribute cash donations to refugees are unable to obtain any tax exemption benefits. UNHCR will issue an official receipt for the donor's contribution.

  • Cash donations for refugees
    Public appeals for donations are frequently made on behalf of refugees for private and individual donors to contribute towards causes such as for medical emergencies including life-saving surgeries, or for extremely vulnerable cases such as helping needy individuals who are unable to provide for themselves. UNHCR helps channel these donations that go directly to refugees, and UNHCR will continue to play a monitoring role after the donation is provided.

  • Contributions towards special events
    Often, in conjunction with special events such as World Refugee Day, individuals and corporations generously provide in-kind and financial donations to enable public awareness-raising activities to be held to shift public perception on the refugee issue. Donations contributed go towards producing awareness-raising materials and organising public events to create greater understanding among the Malaysian public on refugee issues.

  • In-kind contribution of daily items for refugees
    Individuals and organisations are able to provide donations in the form of items for daily use such as:
    • Collecting used clothes that are in good condition to be given to refugee adults and children of varying ages. This includes items such as slippers and shoes, dresses, shirts, baby clothes, headscarves.
    • Collecting food and sundry goods such as canned food, rice, sugar and hygiene items.
    • Contributing useable books, stationery and computers.

UNHCR can help put you in touch with Non-Governmental Organisations, volunteers and refugee community centres who can distribute such items to the refugee communities.

Queries on fundraising:

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