Booklet on UNHCR's New Card

This information booklet, “Introduction To The New UNHCR Refugee Card & UNHCR Verify–My APP” is provided to explain the new design features of the identity card provided to those registered and under the protection mandate of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

As part of the continued drive to combat identity fraud and counterfeiting, UNHCR Malaysia has changed its identity cards. The new ID card includes a number of enhanced security features including 3D holograms and bar codes. On the rear of the card a large ‘Secure Quick Response’ (SQR) code can be seen. It is supported by enhanced biometric data collection at the UNHCR office.

To enable law enforcement authorities or others engaged in UNHCR’s protection and assistance work to scan the SQR and verify a card’s authenticity, UNHCR Malaysia has launched the UNHCR VERIFY-MY application. This is free, and made available through Apple and Android mobile application stores.

UNHCR VERIFY-MY is easy to use and can be used off-line, making it a versatile and user-friendly application. To prevent hacking and counterfeiting, automatic updates will be regularly downloaded to hand held devices. The new UNHCR card and UNHCR VERIFY-MY application come in both Bahasa Malaysia and English languages.


The booklet "introduction to UNHCR VERIFY-MY" is available in English and Bahasa Malaysia


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