News from UNHCR Malaysia are often reported online at the UNHCR website.

Articles and news releases from UNHCR Malaysia can be viewed here.

From the UNHCR headquarters in Geneva, news is released locally to media and others, or sent to Geneva headquarters for editing before it is released in the form of press releases, web stories or by the UNHCR spokesperson at twice-weekly briefings at the Palais des Nations, the UN's European headquarters. UNHCR's presence in more than 120 countries, including in some of the most remote and difficult places on Earth, gives it access to news and information that are not available from anyone else. Our global communications network strives to provide timely, accurate and newsworthy information on all of the UNHCR's activities to generate awareness of and support for the refugee cause. First-hand reports, feature stories and graphics from distant field operations as well as from Geneva headquarters and world capitals are posted daily on the UNHCR website, making it an authoritative source on some of the biggest news events of the day. This is can be viewed at the UNHCR global website.

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